The Lucky Charms Candles of Ladurée

Boîtes bougies 'Capitales' BD (27) (3)

Ladurée’ is celebrating a special double birthday: the 10th Anniversary of the perfumed candles as well as the 150th anniversary of Ladurée.

In honor of this occasion Ladurée has created the Lucky Charm Candles Paris, Tokyo, London and New York.

Each scent is a telling story with the memories of travels and journeys taken all over the world to open Ladurée boutiques, while always embracing the characters of the French history, Ladurée’s ultimate muse.

We are excited to share the beautiful scented Ladurée candles with you at INKED!

They make a great present for you loved ones and add a special touch to every home.

New-York Candle

A strong and vivacious scent, an apple bite, a strong wind, the signature of a city, an homage to New Yorkers and their insatiable appetite for life.

Bougie NEW YORK BD (32)

London Candle

The atmosphere of an English club, where leather and wax scents reign.

The evocation of twilight, relaxing in a majestic Chesterfield sofa! The masculine chic with inimitable and unshakable English spirit…

Bougie LONDRES  BD (33)

Paris Candle

A glamorous tuberose scent, the one of a “femme fatale”, disconcerting and unforgettable just like this magnificent and eternal city.

Bougie PARIS BD (31) (3)

Tokyo Candle

The subtle tea scent,a perfect mix of delicate flavour, blending refinement and preciosity,the mysterious japanese touch.

Bougie TOKYO BD (34) (2)


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