Rag&Bone Men’s Spring 15 Lookbook

It’s hard to imagine a person who wouldn’t look good in Rag & Bone. That’s exactly the point designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville made with their all-in-one photo exhibition/lookbook/collection presentation. For the men’s Spring 2015 outing, they recruited people of all shapes and sizes—a pro basketball player, a stand-up comedian, the proprietor of a local bar, old and young. “We made a lot of points about the versatility of the clothes and the individuality of Rag & Bone,” said Wainwright. “How one piece of clothing can be worn many different ways by many different people.”

Rag & Bone’s men’s line, now ten years old, isn’t known for creating new challenges for a guy’s wardrobe. The duo makes exceptionally easy-to-wear clothes with an emphasis on comfort, subtle detailing, and safe fits. This collection wasn’t a departure by any means, but it did shine a new light on the brand’s appeal.

“Some people look for fashion and they look for art and they look for things that are completely new, and I think that’s fantastic,” said Wainwright. “But at the end of the day, if you can’t wear half of it, what’s the point?”









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