Hey folks – as I said – the blog will continue in English. I am very sorry that I will not provide a German copy, but it doesn´t say never ever ;-)

Today I want to share my interview with Anine Bing regarding her views on Fashion Business and her own brand, named after the danish Model and Blogger, published in the latest issue of B2B Magazine Style in Progress.
I met Anine last year, in early September, mostly I spend this time of a year in LA and New York City, as the US market Fashion Weeks and fairs taking place. So I arranged a “drop in” followed by a short meeting with Anine, in her LA based Flagship store, in Downtown LA.
We had a short chat, talking about her brand and the brand´s performance, her way to generate her own brand and business and her step into the european Fashion Business and it´s market.
Back in Vienna, the idea to spread this interesting chat hopped on and off in my mind and finally I started to work on the thought having a proper interview with Anine and try to publish this story, which was a quite big project. I sorted out, which magazine would be the best to publish this interview, besides on my own blog and who is willing to let me do this interview and trust into my professionalism in getting all organized, set and done. In the meantime I tried to see whether Anine is on board. I did not have any doubts by this time, which made it easier for me. And she was, whenever I was ready.
Paris Fashion Week was coming up and I have been invited to the Grand Opening of Anine´s Store in Paris. So I thought that might be a good point of time, to think big and go and set the interview. I then called Martina, chief editor at Style in Progress, with whom I did another interview a quite similar topic released in SIP, just a few months ago. I thought, that she – a obvious sister of fashion inspiration – might be interested in the story and “YES”, she was.
After the acceptance of SIP to publish this story, I called Anine´s Press Agency and all my contacts to help to have the interview settled.
A few weeks later, we where on the phone with Anine, having a phone conference, a chat, a lovely business talk – for over 2 hours.
This is the outcome – the first interview of Anine Bing in a german tongue B2B magazine, and thanks to Martina, we also got for this amazing report the cover page of Style in Progress, for the 2nd issue of this year´s editions.

Here you go!

(as Style in Progress is a german B2B – it´s in German ;-) for all of you who would like to read it up in English – please see the online version of SIP)
This issue is also available in print media and you can get a copy at Morawa.









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