Katie G 4 inkedology – what a perfect match!


N: Katie – you want to introduce yourself?
K: Yes, sure. My name is Katie Gruber and jewellery design is both my passion and my Job. So when I first came in contact with jewellery design through a simple coincidence, things fell into place and I never looked back. A spontaneous decision I never regretted. I learned my technical abilities at the Goldschmiedeakademie in Vienna.

N: So Katie, I have followed your work during last years, how did you come to your own label?
K: I studied experimental Jewelley and Design at the Alchimia Scuola Di Giolielleria Contemporanea in Florence where I could start to explore my creativity with no boundaries. This is where I truly found my style. Then, after a few years working in the more classical jewellery business, I decided to start my own label, Katie g. Jewellery
N: Which is already quite a success, right.
K: The best decision of my life. Since 2015 my husband joined me in the business and together we sell our handmade pieces from our shared Atelier.
N: That really sounds awesome!



N: Lately I am talking a lot about perfection and how much of perfection do we need in our lives. Is perfection in jewellery needed? I mean, these are often very tiny things, so, the more precise they are made – the better?
K: I love all things beautiful. However we all know that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and I find many things beautiful. Things don’t have to be perfect or flawless to be appealing. Especially in nature nothing is absolutely perfect, nothing is 100%, nothing is exact, yet nature provides us with the most honest beauty imaginable. I have that same approach with my jewellery.
Metals and alloys too are not perfect, so if there is a slight imperfection in the material I will not force it into shape but rather work with it. it is exactly these small irregularities that make each piece unique and beautiful
N: :-) nice said, Katie!



BTW this is Jochen, who just biked by when we did the shooting. I promised him to put him online with is awesome look and his blue eyed glases. Jochen is co owner of Weizz (“zz” another way round) Boutique, which is round the corner of inked. Together with Evi, his wife, they doing an amazing job, showing independency and knowledge of the market for long time. cheers! great couple! see you soon Jochen!



Katie is wearing in her first outfit a full THE GREAT outfit, paired up with some GOLDEN GOOSE Sneakers. Just a easy day outfit – easy to wear – you can go loose with open shirt or tie it in the front for a more feminine look.


Second outfit, Katie gives us a look how new FALL ARRIVALS are looking on her. Playing around with the checked silk dress and the hobo bag of GOLDEN GOOSE. Sneakers just the other colorway round – by chance -, also GOLDEN GOOSE. We love low top sneakers, as the look very urban and give us great long legs!





On all pictures Katie is wearing her own jewellery – of cause.

N: what do you like most of your jewellery? Do you prefer any colors or materials?
K: I like to work with white and black patinas on my silver jewellery which change with the wearer and over time. Depending on how you wear the piece the patina will change differently. In this way each piece reflects the lifestyle of the wearer. A concept I and my clients really enjoy!
N: Ja, I really love the White and black patinas you are using, they are timeless but though so unique!


There I asked Katie to wear some pieces of NSF – this year we went crazy for denim skirts, it is a big trend allover and still will be for the next seasons. So I am happy to say we scouted right and had a quite huge choice of them, with different hems, cuts and washes.
Buttons in front of the denim skirts was also a great issue – a revival of the more vintage styles.
The small Demiranda of WANT LES ESSENTIELS and my beloved BEEK sandals – just made the look up for me!




thanks Katie for the shoot!
Guys, look up Katie´s jewellery – it´s a great style!

have a good summer Katie – I INKED YOU <3


pics: Mo Noi – Fashion and Street Art Photography


2 thoughts on “Katie G 4 inkedology – what a perfect match!

  1. Hallo hallo Das karierte u das gestreifte Kleid gefallen mir gut. Leider bin ich erst am 25. wieder in wien Könnt ihr mir die Kleider bis dahin zur Seite legen? Große S? Danke Maryam yeganehfar

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