The city is quite empty, but the business at inked goes on full speed. Merchandise is popping in nearly every day and is keeping us busy displaying the new arrivals of fall collection in the windows.
All my friends are still gone or left recently, no sister of fashion is around to shoot for inkedology, so I needed to hop in front of the camera in order to not loose track with my posts. Me, myself and I – here we go.


First, and I really adore this gorgeous dress. I was pictured with a full length gown of THE GREAT, which is very flattery around your body. It waves from one side to the other and gave me quite a bohemian feeling. Full length dresses out of silk or light textures are always an act. I took a fedora from RAG & BONE to make the look even more buttering.

IMG_6523 (2)

This short boots are already mine, as they are one of my #fav picks for this fall. On the one side they rock on the other they really set my fashion heart on fire with super skinny leg denims. The color is partly fading, but the deep rusty brown ones are one of the best decisions I ever made, fitting to many outfits and gets me the right City Cowgirl mode. Boots by GOLDEN GOOSE DB.

IMG_6542 (2)

I love pairing feminine styles with a touch of a masculine note. Always nice to play this out and give the single pieces, together a certain kind of cheeky kick.

IMG_6559 (2)

For this series we have chosen the entrance of of ancient P1 club. I thought that would come great with the black and white check dress of NSF. I love the look, it is a mix of punk, brit rock and cool girl, from around the corner. Slightly messy hair and a top bun was a perfect add on to this look.

IMG_6587 (3)

Bag-wise I used one of our latest arrivals form WANT LES ESSENTIELS, a true blue small shoulder bag, just not too big to give this look the easy note that I wanted to create. I have chosen Want Les Essentiels for the store, cause I do appreciate all the story and meaning behind it, having all and everything, always in time on the right spot. Having no Troubles to find what you are looking for. And most of all is not brandy at all. You will just find some small golden letters, saying what it is, an essential.

IMG_6593 (3)

IMG_6597 (2)

What I like most of the dress ist the open hem line and it is asymetric, so in front it is cut more short than at the back side. I like the kind of cloth the uses for this piece, as it is smooth, but still has a certain hold. On the waist line, you will find a drawstring in order to adjust, how you like to wear it, tight or just very loose – which even gives you a more cool and sophisticated look.

IMG_6602 (2)

Boots on this Picture, again GOLDEN GOOSE DB. I used one of my oldest sun glasses, as I cannot find my favorite ones. JEEZ – I don´t like that ;-)
Old ones, RAY BAN.

IMG_6626 (2)

Some Pocahontas grins came up my face, when we did this one. Actually looking for the Tipi, I wanted to go. No – just kidding – full look NSF.
Super “red lights on” Poncho, will cheer you up once fall weather will come across and we ladies might start to feel a little freeze here and then. Easy to pop over, you can wear it loose, like I did or tie it up with a belt.

IMG_6438 (2)

Don´t hesitate to wear loose “over pieces” to loose dresses or shirts or voluminous outfits in general, it does not mean that you end up looking big too. It just has a certain vibe, which let you feel comfy and outstanding.

IMG_6440 (2)

This full length striped dress has a slit on each side, so you have enough space to move however you want. Paired up with some low top sneaker of GOLDEN GOOSE DB. Also with this dress, wear it loose or tie it with a belt. You can even, once tied, move it a bit up and you have a new look by having created a midi-length dress.

IMG_6432 (2)

“Here I do again” – to the right and to the left, and by this time we took our last picture and all was set.

IMG_6426 (2)

IMG_6423 (2)

I inked myself, as I do everyday, cause I´m inked and ever will be:

“N – STYLE” <3


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