Etoile Isabel Marant – first dispatch of fall/winter has arrived! A colorful mix of fabrics and prints on next inked gal Sonja T.

IMG_6764 (2)

Last week we have been unpacking a lot of merchandise, rushing in at inked, styles for fall/winter season already. Still, in most of our heads summer just started and #vacay finally arrived, but in regards to the fashion schedule, it is already high time for fall/winter deliveries, and I more or less, finished buyings for spring/summer 2017 already, just a few things here and there and I´m already up for fall/winter 2017. Well, but that´s just my side of this business, let´s stay were we are – upfronting fall as the next possiblility to show what we have got up in our fashion heads.

I had the chance to picture Sonja, head of Thoma & Bari Hairstylist Salon, in our new arrivals of ETOILE ISABEL MARANT. I have chosen Etoile with Sonja and vice versa, as I think, as far I know Sonja´s style, feminine way and very light mooded personality, they would perform a great couple and visual wise a perfect match.

IMG_6704 (2)

Looking at the blog opening picture, Sonja is wearing a look, which is actually oversized and wide, both in top and bottom pieces, but here at the first pic, tightend together with a short and rather tight ETOILE ISABEL MARANT Blazer, which is a nice contrast to the more boyish look of the floating blouse and trouser. So it is nevertheless – easy – just by using another top, to cut down the tomboyish look into a more sexy and feminine outcome.

IMG_6747 (2)

The color of the shirt is simply adorable. It´s a strong and vibrant coral pink and it´s texture is light and floating. #cottoncandy !! I like the buttons on the arms open, and not to much pulled up, just a bit loose I think looks the best, like you want it after a hot summer, a bit of an organized mess, which is also quite sexy, no?

IMG_6734 (2)

Loving the boots of GOLDEN GOOSE DB I always use them in my posts. Here, pictured an icon boot form GGDB – the short biker – it has to zips on both sides – leave it open, when you are happy to come along with a rather loose fit. Looks awesome also with dresses and skirts.

IMG_6646 (2)

Second outfit post topic, plays around with colors and prints in the mix. Sonja and I came to the conclusion that the dress together with the coat, makes “the” perfect match, color wise and also in concern of the total look. It could not be any better. This look was also a runways look, so you rather see it this season in all the fashion mags more than often, I guess.


It is a joyful look and great right after summer time. Holding still the bronzed color on your skind the colors of the dress will shine out!! When it will get more cold, pair it with some stockings and a maxi cardigan, in one of in the dress already used colors! You also can go a nuance lighter with a cardigan or vest, it does not have to be so strong and vibrant, check out our ACNE STUDIO´s cardigans to match with.

IMG_6826 (2)

So, as I said, the coat is “the” coat of Etoile´s fall/winter, inked has it got in two colors, one is pictured and the other color combi is with more dark shades in brown, grey and red- ish stripes. We know the cut already from previous season, so cut wise no news, but that´s just perfect – as the light egg form of the coat with wide shoulder hems and long wide arms and of cause a perfect length for dresses and skirts, which can sneak out and leave the admirer a glimps of a very stylish dress eg. – is the right choice for an easy sophisticated city chick.

IMG_6849 (2)

IMG_6839 (2)

Always go ahead with the “dicker boot” to make an Isabel Marant outfit the greatest. Unbeatable since years, this bootie rocks our daily outfits. Still on the list on fashion girls, never out of style, never boring it has moved up to a true essential in our shoe wardrobe. If I do speak of must-haves, it would be on that list. Available always in suede or calf – all colors of the season are available soon at inked.


Newcomer color “true blue” on my #fav WANT LES ESSENTIELS bag, just came in. If you havent seen those bags in person, drop by and check out these just super fine leather accessories – they are one of my #fav and they are on there way to a full hype. If you tend to be more a fashion Insider, who likes it calm and sophisticated and you are not so up to bags, where you can guess at first look which brand they replace, Want can be your choice to love.
For those of you, who now inked and my style #nstyle, you guys know I´m more the gal, standing away from the stage lights, and so do the most of my selected brands. we do not like to show off ;-)

IMG_6862 (2)

Check out Sonja´s salon in the fist district, near to St. Stephans Cathedral –
It was a pleasure to talk with Sonja about colors, a topic we do share in our businesses and of cause our urge always to be innovative and new, but stay authentic to what we love and are.

thank you Sonja for the few hours we talked, laugh and gossiped <3



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