CITY COWGIRL LOOK – how to wear R13 not punk´ed

IMG_7073 (2)

Rag & Bone
Golden Goose DB

R13 Denim is a straight forward denim brand influenced by Punk and Grunge elements. Often I wonder, what is not torn, bruised or shredded on these picks, but then it is exactly that style we adore so much by mix and matching with other brands to create a whole new look.
My inspiration for this outfit shoot came from my love for cowgirl looks, since I started to buy some new collections from NYC, which are so much influenced by the early 1900 and its epoche. When I first saw those styles, I felt overwelmed from that certain pictured Image, that rose in my head. Since then, “Cowgirl Style” in a sense of very feminine and subtile, but throughout boyish woman, is somewhere fixed in my ideas – in developing a new understanding of an independent, sensitive woman, who is in full charge of herself and her life – but still rough enough to get dirty hands and messy hair.

IMG_7168 (5)

IMG_7135 (3)

IMG_7220 (3)

IMG_7153 (5)

IMG_7208 (2)


R13 check shirt with open hem, bruised and tight cut wear with denim or leather pants
R13 ripped and cropped flare leg raw denim wear with simple tees. shirting recommended
Rag & Bone wide brim fedora make it a fashion accessoire, wear it deep into your face
Golden Goose GD black leather sandals with silver hardware with cowboyish embellishment make them a statment – show them!

IMG_7199 (5)


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