R13 – how about wearing ripped, shredded and torn with high heels? does this work?

IMG_6993 (5)

Apparently a lot of you still question, if you can wear ripped and bruised denim to high heels. It seems that, it is a “no go” to wear high heels with ripped denims, for some it is so “last year” and for some to “edgy” to pair the look with some killer heels. Let´s have a look.
Is the pointy pumps the only high heeled shoe, where some of you will linger a foot in?
We have given a try with a fake heeled ancle boot of GOLDEN GOOSE DB.
Me, wearing all R13 DENIM clothes, tried to adapt this rather “punk” look with a high heeled booty. GOLDEN GOOSE DB fake high heeled ancle boot, just seemed the right pick. The heel is 8cm – obviously – but you stand on a 3cm platform, so the accurate hight is not more than 5cm – so is this a deal? or a deal?


IMG_7039 (3)

IMG_6965 (2)

IMG_6979 (2)

IMG_6990 (3)

when you choose some killer babes to walk along the wild side with some ripped, washed out and real “cheeky” denim, try to make a statement by:
* keep the high heel simple, avoid to much going on on your feet, as you already have chosen an eye catcher denim wise
* don´t cover your shoes with the denim hem, put on a cropped version of your favorite detroyed denim, to let them see what´s going on down there
* heel wise, – cone, stiletto, block, kitten – go ahead as long it is not disturbing the other performance there is nothing you should not do
* keep away from super high heels – all over 10cm – that could look easily cheesy, save them for some more feminine and elegant looks
* leave full length boots in your cubby – show some skin between the edge of your boot and the leg´s hem line of your denim

R13 relaxed super bleached rolled up denim, wear with high heels – just once in a time if you are more the sporty version of a rock chick
R13 basic tee – the limited tees are a statement for themselves – fashion addicts know, what they are worth!
R13 denim jacket with torn hem line – hold on tight! use my safety pins to tighten up – or open to hang loose
GOLDEN GOOSE DB nude gorgeous ancle favorites, hidden inside platform
WANT LES ESSENTIELS small shoulder bag, what holds together all my super powered stuff

IMG_7006 (3)


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