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This post relates to some key word phrases, which became quite self dynamic and determine my “fashion” life. It´s important that you can not just see, nevertheless also feel what kind of wardrobe style fits to you, when you are authentically yourself. Some here and then, we all end up dressed like out of Vogue for some special events and I do not know a single woman, who does not enjoy dressing fancy at least a bit, but off track during our “normal life”, it doesn´t pay off looking for trends and must-haves, if you do not feel comfortable with or even think “..gosh that´s so 100% not me…”
Generate your own code. Here is mine:

  • easy advanced casual
  • vintage inspired
  • super soft elevated
  • effortlessly cool
  • boy girl
  • not so basic basics
  • #whatiwear:

    IMG_7262 (2)

    IMG_7252 (2)

    IMG_7254 (2)

    IMG_7315 (2)



    R13 Denim Shirt, criss cross button up and vintage bleached out light blue shirt – chose your own, if you wear tight or relaxed by selecting the button position, wear also with grey or a diffrent blue colored denim, see FRAME DENIM
    R13 Boy Jogger, super comfy version of a jogger, coated, wear with heavy turtleneck knits and oversized egg shaped jackets, like ACNE STUDIOS
    GOLDEN GOOSE DELUXE BRAND Sneakers, vintage inspired, bit of a creeper, whites also for fall – stable trend alert
    ACNE STUDIOS Canada Scarf, always sold out item

    IMG_7401 (2)


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