MY INKED INSIGHTS – ON THE ROAD – how to be ready for a long haul flight


Can you believe, that its already been a years turn around since my last touch down in US?!

My annual trip to source and scout by leaving good old Vienna for adventures in fashion and new insights in our changing life style is just waiting behind this weekend. I trying to contain myself and you know how hard is it to get all and any work done when you leave for LA in a matter of hours. Cheez…

Getting my schedule together, running la(s)t(e)-minute errands and starting the packing process, yes, I am guilty to be a last-minute packer, got me to think over my in-flight check list for the long haul flight across the Atlantic.
I think you can tell a lot about a person by the things he or she brings on the plane – are the low key? or more high maintenance? Are they prepared or do they fly in yesterdays pants – and just with them? I tend to skew more to a low-key planner – a sophisticated one – I know the limits on plane and I avoid pushing them.


Here are a few of my must-haves for those very loooooong flights, that seem never to end!

  • first thing´s first – snack
    try to avoid chips, chocolate or similar crap, they will keep you feel like starving on an airplane. Focus on small healthy snacks that fill up like trail mix, almonds or similar. Get some red wine, it goes very well with snacks like these.
  • big question – what to wear on a long haul flight?:
    that question divides people into two crowds, the one who will get changed before they go for sleep during a night flight or the others, which are simple a hundred against it. I tend to fall in the latter group. I dont want to have my feet touching the ground of some disgusting airplane bathroom – kind a gross? Instead I dress comfortably from the start away. Wearing dark color loose leggings, a round neck and a light weight long sleeve tee and my Nikes. I always use for long haul flights one of my favorite cashmere scarves, it does not matter if it is high summer outside, a plane is mostly freezing me down when the flight takes more than a couple of hours. I can use it as a double pillow or I can stiff it under my head or use it as a makeshift eye mask – I do not need to see all.
  • in-flight beauty must-haves:
    on long haul flights resign to make up. The air in planes makes your skin dry out. I like to have a package of face wipes with me to give my skin a cleaning swipe here and then and an oil free moist to follow up my skin´s needs. Avoid eye make up – aka wear none – you do not want to end up as a raccoon by the end of your flight, when eyeliner and mascara have done their job to your face by melting all over your eyes. Bring your toothbrush and toothpaste on board or use wisps, if you already familiar with – best invention ever! When the flight is over I mostly feel like a have two bags more to deal with. I cure my eye bags with a light serum which I apply with a roller and “yeak” I am ready to jump out of the plane heading down beach to Venice!
  • what about entertainment?:
    I am not so keen on being entertained form my neighbors seat – I do not like this over friendly companion with my vis a vis or next to flight partner, just cause you spend a night together on a long haul flight. To avoid this, I put on my big noise reduction headset from minute one and then I am just off the piste. Usually I load down some movies. In normal life I do not give a lot of time to watch TV – so this is the time where I am free to be entertained by a good movie. But more you will find me reading books or newspapers or stroll online in some mags or just hear some great stuff of talks, which I feel very connected with – I sort them out prior going on a long flight by setting up a play list on my iPod.
  • most important: drink:
    go on flights with a lot of fluids – best still water – its necessary to avoid dehydration and a flight hangover cause by a lack of drinking.
  • sleep well:
    when all else fails, it´s always good to have a sleep-aid in your bag. After all, sleep is the best cure for boredom, right!?

    There are pretty much other things I can think of getting on my long flight.
    For the next couple of days I will come from across the west coast of US by blogging, story telling and picture sharing. Let´s see what LA and NYC is going to add to my life!

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