INKED INSIGHTS: Venice Walk and Talk and Dine – what I love


Absolutley my favorite LA neighborhood. This place has all ingredients for the perfect south California vibe.
Recently I did some research there with some business friends and we just had such a great time by exploring new trends and tribes all around LA´s most vibrant place Venice Beach.

So there is a short resume what I liked in case of b- fast, easy late lunch and dinner.

So far, just a few words to Venice, as much a Los Angeles icon as the Hollywood Sign and Walk of Fame, Venice Beach has undeniable allure. What you hear is what you get. There is the sun baked boardwalk, more than two kilomethers of showboating rollerbladers, beach bunns, street perforerms and – of cause – soothsayers. There is Muscle Beach, the famous ocean front gym that saw Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the 70´s plenty of times.

But theres is also buzzy Annot Kinney Blvd, a quite big street, with a lot of chic shops and in-demand cafes you won´t know where to start first.

there is not shortage of great coffee spots in Venice, but INTELLIGENTSIA and BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE are typically where most people gravitate, which means equal, these spots have the longest lines. I also like coffee at TOMS – which is the Venice flagship of this shoe Company – just as much and you can camp out and work all da in it´s cozy backyard if you chose to. It feels very community working space than boutique, which I think is so Venice.





Places like GJELINA and THE TASTING KITCHEN on AK are so great and obvious a lot of visitor go there, but they are also pretty pricey and I have experienced that you often require reservations weeks in advance. Why not skipping Abbot Kinney in favor for Rose Ave. where we had happy hours and dinner with friends.
But as much as these I love SUPERBA for bfast – order the toast of the week – or why not head over to CAFE GRATITUDE with it´s yummie vegan dishes walking along with a bit of mindfulness. FLAKE is also nice if you and serves an awesome burrito – join in!
And not to forget about ROSE CAFE – which is a all time classic!







my favorite – and I did not know that – as it has opened just recently is SALT AND STRAW on AK as well to cool of with some ice cream. I tried lavender-honey and blueberry-bourbon-basil.



If you have to go to one place in Venice, make it THE BUTCHERS DAUGHTER. This super plant-based Restaurant and Juice bar is not only bright and gorgeous, but also super yummie delicious! Just stop by for a meal, a Cocktail, or grab an Espresso or Juice to go at the cutet takeaway window.
Make it at GJUSTA if you want to go really local. Gjusta is the local gem of Venice. Located is this hot spot just a few blocks away from Abbot Kinney and it is definitely a locals spot. This cafe and bakery is home to amazing food, whether you eat bread or not. I would finish every LA evening there if I could – best dish rosmary chicken with herbs!!




I hope you enjoed my selection – folks – next shopping in Venice!



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