IT PIECES IN MIX UP FOR UPCOMING COLD TIMES – match it like #worryaboutitlater for this outfit post


Hello on a quiet and tranquil Monday Morning! After this rainy weekend, we are all in need of some fashion spice to keep us smiling on and back to track.

Our latest outfitpost was produced just a few days ago, still the weather was more convenient back then – sigh – but good heavy winter is on its way, it wont stop. No need to hide inside and cuddle up all the time. Just grap a nice an cosy outfit and off you go, enjoying winter´s fav´s, like ice skating or going for a long wintery walk through the vinejards, accompanied with a taste afternoon snack and tea.

Fashionwise, keep it fashion with heavy jackets, coats or capes. In addition to fur parkas, I love to buy capes for the store, in comparison to the parka, the cape has more variations to wear. Wear it with thick and heavy knits or over a leather jacket. Just pop it over your favorite denim jacket from fall and off you go. Mixed and matched with one of our loose THE GREAT dresses, check is still the most ongoing pattern for fall winter 2017. Midi length as well. Pair it with knitted thights or a cashmere legging to feel warm an cosy, even put on some more stockings to get the heavy winter look. Always an addition are ISABEL MARANT´s winter boots, besties in cold times. Available in color beige and black. With the inside hidden platforms, you´ll have some more height and a bit of a more elegance.

Bianca, who does her blog “worryaboutitlater” with a lot of success, was ready and steady to help me for this shooting. She is wrtiting an amazing blog – just visit her instagram and you will find a lot of fashion inspired pics.

#inkedgirlsdoitbetter in:









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