JANUARY MOODS – time to get cosy

How is 2017 feeling so far? Are you looking ahead to a year full of possibilities, or struggling through the triple whammy of hangover, post-Christmas exhaustion and winter blues? If you’re not welcoming the new year with a spring in your step, perhaps one of your resolutions should be to make time for some cosy treats for yourself.

Stepping away from your everyday life to relax and feel restored is no longer seen as an indulgence. Rather, it has become a necessary safety valve in our fast-paced world. Handing yourself over to more relaxation. So go, if you cannot take the next plane to “some like it hot” place, take some good scents, oils and candles to find rest, silence and peace in your own privacy. On all the wellbeing products listed here, you can use both ways: as sociable or as solitary as you like ;-)
The advanced formulas blend of MALIN+GOETZ trusted natural ingredients with performance technologies for the face, body and hair. The perfumes and candles, highlighting that the brand do not use synthetic fragrances in their treatments, offer beautiful sensory experiences with all their products and also travel size assortments, in case some exotic island might still come into consideration. (blink blink)













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