Hey, my name is Sophia, I’m inked. Inked in the context of being inked, so tattooed. But also I’m the newest #gangmember of the inked universe. How this love story started? Well, I was bored. Ok, ok let me explain this harsh sentence: I always felt connected to the store. First of all it was my main shopping destination to go to. Also I just liked the design of the store, the name, I just felt the vibes. And as many of you will know, you can’t just enter Inked and browse through the newest collections. You enter the store and you become part of the whole environment. The fairies of Inked welcome you, you chat about your latest breakup, your job and about the newest fashion trends. At least that’s what I did. Time passed, I knew all the collections by heart, I felt like a stalker because I passed the shop basically everyday and at some point it just happened, OUR UNIVERSES COLLIDED. BOOOOM. (hey any physicists here?!?!? My best friend google says: “A universe collision is the coming together of two universes, which through the force of gravity merge into one larger unit” So prepare for something BIG)
Ok, so this introduction was longer than expected, but physics has never been my strong point. So just let me start with the real stuff I wanna talk about: PARIS FASHION WEEK.


As you know Inked is a multi brand store with very exclusive brands. And exclusive brands show their stuff at fashionshows, and show rooms, and IN PARIS. So Inked made a little excursion there to see the newest collections, the newest trends and to meet the designers/brand ambassadors. Personally spoken, I was a Fashion Week virgin, hence the whole thing was overwhelming, inspiring and crazy for me.
Our days where full of appointments. We went from one showroom to the other, saw so many collections and met so many people with just one mission: to find the coolest looks for you guys. We were there as a team, but I want to point out my personal experiences.
Of course every girl wants to go to Paris Fashion Week, see all the shows, go out to all the fancy parties, it’s a dream come true– but let me tell you one thing, the reality is different. It’s a tough business, but also a very interesting one.
On the first day I saw 6397 Denim, Acne Studio, Frame Denim, RE/Done and a couple more.
I really liked almost everything I saw on day one. But my thoughts were not only about JUST the pieces I saw. When it comes to fashion my thoughts are never actually just about the clothes, they are about the lifestyle, the attitude they express and what story they will tell. Let me tell you one thing, Fashion is not only about getting dressed in a nice or stylish way, it is about the way you see the world, what you want to say and lastly how you want to interact with others.


So as I have this relation to clothes and brands – thats the way I looked at everything and that made me understand INKED so much better. I saw why pieces work, I learned the story behind simple shirts, or the boots we’ve all seen a hundred times already– but which are still awesome. if I learned only one thing during these 3 days, (and I learned so much more, also: never lose your train ticket in THE TRAIN, or better don’t mix up the terminals at CDG) it’s that high fashion can be personal. Especially the simple stories nobody knows about, once you hear them, they make a piece a treasure.
Talking about treasures and “lifestyle pieces” ACNE STUDIOS immediately comes to my mind. It was definitely my personal highlight on day one. The brands name stands for “Ambition to Create Novel Expressions”– (and not a common skin disorder). The second I entered their massive showroom I saw their ambition, but more important their whole collection. Which screamed: 70ies!!! I saw candy-stripe flare pants, dark blue velvet Blazers, oversized anoraks, overall rather androgynous shapes.
As always their coats and shearling jackets where AMAZEBALLS, super soft, wonderful colors – just a dream come true. (Ladys, better start saving some money! They are a total MUST!). As well as the oversized zip-up turtlenecks in various colors <3. If one asks me what the toughest thing during fashionweek was, it was definitely the fact that I'll have to wait at least 4-5 month till I can officially BUY ALL THIS BEAUTIFUL STUFF!!!! I actually just wanted to steal everything, well could have worked, nobody would miss those 20 lamb fur jackets, right?!:)


For me ACNE STUDIOS PRE-FW17 transported a really cool, slightly provocative message in their collection. It was very inked.
But for now, we already had a universe collision, a deep philosophical paragraph and candy-striped flare jeans, that’s enough, I think.
BUT (don’t freak out) THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO TELL – stay tuned.

Xx S


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