Read about my latest PARIS FW adventure and why I love BOTOX and Slippers!

Hello from the other side, it’s me again, Sophia. The newest #gangmember. Remember me? You better should. From now on you will read more of my stories and my #inked life. Last week I gave you a little insight in our Paris Fashion Week Adventure, but that was only the beginning. The two following days were even more exciting and scheduled (we <3 looonnng fashion days).
Touch your mouse pad passionately and get ready to scroll for the full story!

The second day started with an early appointment at ISABEL MARANT. The second I arrived in front of the religious temple of all fashionistas, I was redeemed from all my sins and ready for


I entered the temple, in front of me the stairs to heaven, left to me a huge room full of (if you don’t sit atm: SIT DOWN NOW), SHOES! SO MANY SHOES! SO MANY GRRRREEAAAT SHOES. Not more than two seconds later I already tried on the new shoe collection for FW17. You know, someone has to check the sizes and stuff, right? Well, that captured, let me give you a little insight into the shoe trends for next fall. I saw super cool wool slippers (Birkenstock style), in the everlasting fall colours grey, dark blue and the typical ISABEL MARANT red/black checkers. They were super comfy, a bit massive and hence an absolute MUST for this fall. I also spotted super cute ballerinas with a long double lace to wrap your ankle with – cute and simple. Of course there were also amazing boots, sneakers and even some heels, but I don’t wanna burst all the surprise!



So let me come to the CLOTH. I’m pretty sure I can say, almost everyone who’s reading this blog, earns at least one piece of this very cool and casual brand. The FW 17 literally screamed “BUY ME AS A TOTAL LOOK! BUY ME”. This season again she offers a huge range of tapered skirts, with playful blouses or oversized wool sweaters – casual but still super aesthetical. The collection also showed a lot of denim and lots of patterns, but also this fashion years favourite: branded HOODIES. Colour wise, you can never go wrong with a MARANT piece; they are always kind of familiar to the last seasons or the upcoming ones. – But a little tip, BUY EVERYTHING YOU SEE IN MUSTARD YELLOW – or just cover yourself in mustard, both a solution worth thinking about if you want to be “in style” next season.


My personal highlight at ISABEL MARANT? The juice they offered me, because even if the collection was a stunner, my “BETTER THAN BOTOX” healthy-detox-whatever-juice prepared me for the following adventures this day had to offer…



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