Some Aussie Good Stuff – ZIMMERMANN @inked

Have you ever been to Australia?

If not, grab a ticket and GO! Not only is there summer at the moment, overall it’s the countries magic. The approach to life, the flair or just the attitude of the Aussies’- it’s different, it’s beautiful. And so is the Australian brand Zimmermann. Designed by Nicole and Simone Zimmermann, two sisters, the label is adored for its magical Gold Coast style which also understands the modern urban women. The second you try on one of their sheer delicate dresses or jumpers you feel like something special, something unique – to be honest, you just feel beautiful.


The romantic cuts, the ruffles, the super thin material, it all helps to transfer you in an urban princess. It doesn’t matter if you are more of a rockabilly or the “less-is-more” lady, Zimmermann fits us all. It celebrates individual characters and body types. It works for an everyday look but also for very special occasions. You can wear the dresses, jumpers or (let me tell you vvverrryy hot) two-pieces with boots, flats or heels. There is no past, present or future in the brands design; it is never out of date, nor inappropriate – it is basically something that everyone should have in their closets.




Inked is famous for its subtle sexiness, its sophisticated and high quality fashion and that’s (among all the other brands obviously) Zimmermann. Not only Inked loves it, but also the fashionistas of the moment. This Monday their show at NYFW was highly celebrated. The show was mentioned and featured from every social media account holder that defines themselves as a blogger. The show was powerful and celebrated femininity. Which also explains the most important info about Zimmermann, which I haven’t told you yet : the Queen herself, (I’m talking about Queen B,- Beyoncè, for all you sinners;)) wore Zimmermann in her award winning music video “Formation”.




So if this still isn’t enough, the label creates its own little universe, just like Inked, you dive in, wear one of their pieces and suddenly everything is way easier, ‘cause you just feel good in your own skin, you feel comfortable with yourself and ready to fight everything daily life stresses us out. And I think that is just what each of us sometimes needs <3
And no, there are no kangaroos in Austria, but there is ZIMMERMANN.




PS: I paired the outfits with my all time favorite Golden Goose boots, the new Alexander Wang bags and amazing jewelry! You guys, I really felt like a princess today wearing this wonderful & crazy ear pieces of Maria Black. It's crazy how perfectly the ear pendant fit to the Zimmermann jumper. For a second I thought about just running away with the jewelry this amazing outfit, search for my palace and my Prince Charming… Cause that's what we all need, right?!

XX Stolzes



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