wheter it is a tote, a crossbody or a holdall – it´s WANT I choose

The new arrivals of WANT LES ESSENTIELS are in. Totes, crossbodies, and holdalls – something for every woman´s need when it comes to bagging.
The classic silhouette and all-purpose functionality of WANT totes instantly makes them a must-have for toting around your city or discovering a new one. Offering an adaptable exterior with deceivingly-spacious interiors, the WANT totes make for the perfect everyday travel companion.

During busy days, there is nothing as (sartorially) welcome as being able to breezily whisk a tiny bag over your shoulder as you dash out the door, a chic punctuation to any fashion statement. If this is how your day or even a part of it looks like, then take a glimps on to the crossbody selection at inked. Coming from a warm brick redish tone to a colorblock mix from off whites to dark blues or just the statemet black. If a blushy rose is your Option – well that we serve as well.

Combining true utility with deep sophistication, the WANT holdalls truly go the distance. Discover our unique approach as innovative details and technical textures unite with thoughtful design, creating an adaptable holdall that acts as a handbag, tote or overnight satchel.

The bags of WANT LES ESSENTIELS are holding its beauty and strength over time while maintaining their relevance. “That’s a much harder challenge than trying to make something that’s only fashionable.” – Byron Peat.
And that´s exactly why I choose WANT over all those – just some months – statement bags. I love my bag, I use my bag as a bag, I carry things in it, it gets used, bruised sometimes dirty but it lives. It is starting to get it´s own look, it´s own patina, it´s own story. I do care about materials, the way a bag feels when it is in my hand, when I run around the whole day with it, when it works for me. Actually it´s a part of my life style and I want to have it last. Last and fashionable for a long time usage.










shooted at our neighbours office//designfunktion//thank you


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