Alexander Wang: “Girl, just wang it!”
It’s Monday. Everybody’s (not so) favourite day of the week, but let us just “wang” the beginning of another week of working or studying , because it’s also the reason to wear at least 7 exciting outfits.
As sale is officially over, and spring has arrived in- and outside the inked universe, so has the Alexander Wang Collection. We all know Alexander Wang, we all love Alexander Wang – but now I’m speechless. What is this guy doing?! All I can say is:
You’ve outdone yourself, bro.
Its part of fashion basic knowledge, that Alexander Wangs’ T-Line has the coolest basics, the prettiest blouses and really cool, comfy dresses. But this season he is transferring us into sophisticated, powerful chicks. Personally spoken, I’m usually not the most sophisticated person on earth, nor is my body confidence on its peak, but I wanted to wear his new key pieces.
So I did.
I put together three outfits, dressed from head to toe in Alexander Wang I suddenly felt something, something quite unknown, something you call self-confidence. The second I wore the first outfit, a really “basic” all black combination with wide pants and a wonderful wide top, paired with an amazing pair of sandals – my posture changed and I became one of Alexander’s soldiers. (I always bring up this awkward metaphors, just get used to it)





I felt like I’m ready for a new week and nothing bad can happen to me, because I’m strong and that’s what my cloth express. The whole collection really is all about self confidence, so just perfect for us #inkedgirls.
The second outfit made me feel even cooler. Wanna know a secret?! The striped dress is a must for EVERYONE. It’s every women’s perfect day-to-night dress, work dress, date dress, life dress! It has the perfect mid-length and fits with EVERYTHING. So wear it with a leather jacket, wear it with a bomber (as I did) or wear it with a sweater on top to transfer it in the perfect striped skirt. Basically you can really just “WANG” it. Also the light pink bomber is everyone’s dream come true. It is quite oversized and has a super-cool straight cut, which you can also wear with everything from day to night. For me it’s just the perfect Spring Jacket. Can you please tell me why are you so perfect, Alex?!



Maybe Alexander Wang’s T-Line is just so fascinating because the pieces are so simple, but the second you put them together they transfer in simple amaz-ball-ness! The clean understatement, the lines, the little details and the wonderful fabrics… it’s just made to be worn.
To be honest, when I put together the third outfit, I was like “omg, how on mother earth will this look good on me?! That’s tight, that’s sexy… AM I SEXY?! AM I READY FOR TIGHTNESS AND SEXINESS?!” Hence I was quite sceptical. I left the dressing room though, looked in the mirror and suddenly realized that this guy knows how to rule freaking sexiness and tightness. Ok, maybe it’s not even that sexy –because the blazer and the pants are also office wearable, but still for me I kind of felt sexy (insert an embarrassed *haha*).
Paired with the perfect Alexander Wang Boots, I “wanged” it again and now it is your turn to feel like a casual, sexy Alexander Wang Soldier who rules this Week and survives this Monday easily.






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