PARIS aka. Croissant FASHIONWEEK – the unvarnished truth

So inked goes to Paris Fashion Week AGAIN.
By now all of you fashionistas, fashion victims or whoever reads my words, will think: “OMG how cool, how exciting – this trip must be like a never ending shopping spree, with someoneelse’s money”. Let me tell you just one little thing: NO, ITS NOT!
It is really hard work, with really tough hours, without breaks and a lot to look at. Still if you love fashion, obviously you will love it (like I do) – but I just want you to know how “the real shit” looks like, how the stuff you see and (hopefully;)) buy actually comes to Inked and how many croissants a day we need to survive PFW.

So once again, repeat it with me: buying cloth for a shop is not like buying cloth for your closet. This idea is wrong. Really wrong and very naive as well. I would like to welcome you to the world of buying, the world of vendor negotiations, purchase order tracking, excel spreadsheets that could make bankers faint and socializing.

First of all, we don’t go to catwalk fashion shows, they last 8-10 minutes but it takes you like an hour to get in and out – so wasted time, when you need to have about 8-10 appointments a day. We also don’t go to all the fancy aftershow parties, because we have to repeat the orders and make sure we don’t order only shoes in a size 5 and also we need to sleep, but only sometimes.
Also Paris and its famous traffic during PFW – amaziiiing that’s why we use the very luxurious underground system, it is beautiful, stinky and sometimes one iPhone less.

But once you arrive at a showroom, the magic begins, you meet your dear friends who also work in the fashion industry like forever, they usually offer you amazing snacks and all kind of drinks you want (well, i’ve never asked for a whisky sour so far, but I could give it a try). And most important YOU SEE THE CLOTHHHHHH. This time we will see Fall/Winter 2017 of Acne, GoldenGoose Deluxe Brand, RE/DONE, Alexander Wang, Alexis and a lot more. That means they will tell you everything about the collection. They will either dress models up for you, or there are a bunch of dressed up super pretty, super skinny, super young models buzzing around you. Depending on the showroom and the brands there, you also meet buyers from other shops from all over the world.

The last thing that needs to be mentioned and honored about PFW are the croissants. Without you little carb monsters we would also be super skinny, super pretty and beautiful, but we love you and that’s why we eat you. Thank you for giving us the energy to do our job and to fully love it, everyday. Even though it sounds tough, even though it is tough you make us strong and survive PFW.


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