my hair looked bad – but life gave me ORIBE !!

So do you know this feeling when you are totally ready to start into a good day, when the sun is shining, you know what you wanna wear today, you listen to great music and good luck your family kept the last sip of milk for your perfectly foamed cappuccino. But then it happens you look into the mirror and BOOOOM: your hair is a mess – it is messy, dry on the edges, oily on top, its shininess is like a cloudy December morning and volume has the music you are listening to but not your hair. God damn it, what do all these bitches do who wake up with fresh, shiny and good smelling hair?!

Well, at least I hope that even these girls do have to wash their hair from time to time and that not only god gave me this, let’s better call it, “problem case” on my head. Hope dies last.
But then again I found something you could actually call magic. I talked about my hair struggle to a lot of my friends and some of them mentioned this hair product porn and hair-saver aka life-saver ORIBE. And in case you disnt know, you can find ORIBE PRODUCTS AT INKED – but to be honest I never really noticed them as BEING THERE. Of course I saw it and thought, “ah nice, fancy packaging” but that’s all the time I invested in thinking about it. But when I did some research on my friends tips I was convinced to try it. Well, to be honest I read that almost every Supermodel on this planet is using it and even Isabel Marants secret behind her effortlessly amazing hair is ORIBE.

So I started using only Oribe Products, and they are just AMAZING, literally ama-zzz-iinngg. This stuff is kinda magical. It does a little bit of everything and it does it all well. My personal favorites are:
The dry shampoo — I use the Dry Texturizing spray between washes to absorb oil and refresh roots. Like the other Oribe products I’ve tried, it smells fresh and glamorous, like a light jasmine floral sense.The shampoo — have to admit that it’s the ONLY shampoo I’ve ever tried that actually feels moisturizing. SHAMPOO-TASTIC! The root lifter — When I spray it on my roots, EMAHGOD! The volume is volcanic. On top of everything else, it also includes UV filters to protect color-treated hair against sun damage.

So you guys, this ORIBE stuff is really making my mornings perfect and now I know what’s their bitches secret, cause I’m also using it;)


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