true to fashion – means jump in, roll around, and let yourself go – it is a commitment to art, quality and to enjoy your life

when I read about fashion nowadays, I have to admit it sometimes feels like the half empty same old mug, filled up half way with the same old tea, and of cause cold – just an average cold brew …. iiihhhh!!!!

that´s what you want fashion to be? the same all day, the less emotional it gets the better, the more common the easier, the more all the same stuff the more sophisticated, you think black, 50 shades of grey, 120 shades of nude and optic white – does make it to fashion planet? a bit of a boho lace there, a sneak of a hippster knit here and that´s it?
Oh come on!!!! what happened!!! look at all the same, boring stuff, the same hair, the same smiles – that´s too boring.
Colide again with lust, adventure, passion! be free, be passionate – go and play!

just skip all those insta godnesses and facebook girls, I actually want to rename my inkedology something to a more of a community letter, a playtime biography, a somehting more rich and funky – not just all that boring stuff with a logo bag here and a monogramm shoe there – just so sick.
nope! find your way – mix and match – go and play with good qualities, with essential pieces, with heritage, overreact, overdo, over #all. fashion is not just an image, it is something vivid, you have to live, enjoy yourself.

I just shooted my friend Ying, pictured below, and I loved to give her a total cool look. it is different – be different – don´t forget to feel in love with fashion. Oh my god, fashion gave so much and still it is full of inspiration. fashion is art, it is a muse, it is style, it is an emotion.
and when it comes to prices, yes, I know fashion has a price, its not always supernice affordable – but – how about a tee shirt is less then a sandwich? how can that be? the somebodies who did all the production way of the garment until it is on your body, will be paied for 10 EUR? come on!!!! so you buy and you might not care about this fact, and that´s totally understandable, because maybe you don´t want to be fashion, you have to save money or you just dont give a shit. but then please, what you buy is not fashion, it is something you wear in order to be dressed and that´s full ok, I am really a hundred fine with that! but please don´t call that fashion, don´t say H&M, Zara, Cos and all those bros are trendy, fashionable. Sorry – nope! they choose the less possible quality, the super low production, the most cheap production, they even pay enough their workers and so on and so on. but you know all this issues are and already did a good job to kill fashion in it´s arty way. I know production and industry has to cope with this problem with the high costs which actually the end-consumer is faced with. I know industry has to wake up as well, fashion education must be improved, quality of fashion mags, and people who work in fashion they need better Information, better knowledge, better education and better research. OMG.

I tried to bring – with this shooting and with my friend Ying – some magic with those pics, magic and passion for fashion, I adore fashion, I just did some great looks with Ying and we felt the arty and creative vibes, just by playing around with garments. and it is not because inked is my history and I do money with fashion, no because I believe in fashion as a source of joy, happiness, fun, emotion and more. at least it gives me all of that, and therefore I appreciate that fashion is just more as a simple bunch of garments.
sorry, I´m like really straight today – but this just came directly from my mind and my heart. #PENG!

BTW: try out my friends new DETOX DELIGHT store at Bauernmarkt – she has some awesome good stuff there. my favorite Granola with Sojade and Mango Püree <3



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