ISABEL – can you forgive me?! ETOILE ISABEL MARANT @inked

So we all know Isabel Marant, we all love Isabel Marant and we all own a piece of Isabel Marant. Before the fashion industry decided that High End has to look like High End – meaning that Couture is kind of back and that nowadays it’s totally ok, (even a fashion-must) to wear at least one key piece, or one kind of strange looking oversized hoodies, feather shoes, rainbow plateau pumps or just some yoga pants branded with some kind of 90ies memorial brand – we dressed quite simple, didn’t we?

Ok, so that’s the Status Quo and we have to deal with it, but what happened to a “normal” fashionable style? Is it still IN? Am I still fashionable if I decide not to wear extra extroverted cloth? Well, Isabel Marant always gives us super cute, always trendy clothing solutions. She knows her style. 5 years ago she used to be THE Gucci or Vetements of today, that everyone wanted – from mother to daughter, everyone celebrated the brand. But what happened? Is it just me or did we just take her for granted? Like don’t take me wrong, I still liked the style the idea but somehow it was not that interesting anymore.

With the beginning of Instagram, Bloggers popping up here and there I saw SO MUCH FASHION, SO MUCH STYLE I kind of forgot about her. It was like you have an all time favourite dish, but then you go on vacation to Italy and suddenly all you think about is pizza, gelato and pasta – you still love YOUR dish, but there are just so many more dishes to try.
Well that said let me tell you, I tried my favourite dish again and it’s more than delicious. I fell in love again, the sophisticated boho style, the colours, the leather jackets – DAMN how could I forget you Isabel? Why did I cheat on you? I am so sorry, please forgive me <3 let’s eat together again, ok?

Just look at the outfits I wore, they are simple but cool – simple but amazing, simple but so hot! I tried to go from the classical Isabel Marant look to a more unconventional combo. What do you think about it?
My résumé of this little monolog about Marant ends with my new inflamed passion about her looks. I’m back in the game and I hope so are you!

pics: Samir Novonty – THX!!! – u genius!!!


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