1000 shades of nudes

It´s again about 1000 shades of nudes. Okay, not any less weird. It´s browns, beiges, cream shades and everything in between.

Continuing my passion for fashion mission, here I stand again before you on this very boring but quite promising mid-week working day (Wednesday if you lost track) with a new post and rant on this spring´s massive trend: dressing in NUDES and beiges.

An all nude-brown-beige look, is the Definition of understated elegance. OR it can be very cute boho chic style, depending of course on how you wear it.
Beige shades look clean, fresh, refined and quite luxurious. The mix of all nude colors holds a certain feminity to it and a classy minimalism with tones of glamour or bohemian vibes, while being kind of understated. Not to mention how amazing these shades look in summer on tanned skin and sun issed arms and legs. sigh :))

With this super soft velvet leather jacket by NSF, heavenly to wear, the slightly darker linen gauze cotton shirt of PAS DE CALAIS, the thin stripy, nude beige 6397 pants and all time winner creamy beige hobo bag by GOLDEN GOOSE DELUXE BRAND, we can name this outfit inspiration a “win-win-combo”!



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