SOME MORE SALE LOOKS before we all end up at the beach

we are all ready for summer… summer at the beach… more exactly… are you ready to leave? already booked some nice place to go to? last minute planer?

still I need to make sure some fall deliveries will hit the store quite soon, yess … fall…., we just have summer tempratures for a few weeks and I am talking about fall aready? well, that´s fashion business, always a couple of months ahead. next week I am leaving to Paris market, already buying for spring/summer 2018. crazy nope?
well, I am more in the mood to relax on a nice and chilly beach, somewhere on Ibiza, well just some more days to pass by and I am leaving for doing so.

this year already brought a lot of incredible city travels, where I could gain a lot of ideas and let my thoughts fly, thinking about future trends, new ways to bring good and valuable stuff to you and how fashion and it´s business will go on for the next time. exploring the different cities and having quite a lot of important meetings and discussions with like minded people, I mostly used my “super-comfy-fashionable-city-outfits” to dive into the mood of the towns.

so business led me during the last weeks to Rome, Udine, Milan, Barcelona, Venice and in some days to Paris – finally I will smell some frenchy air. haha, no Italy – one of my favorite destinations, anyways I feel home everywhere…

so, here I give you an idea of outfits, which I like for some city travels – I captured my friend Ying, before she heads towards Singapore. aaaaahhhh, all those cities…


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