Metallic – another big trend is just waiting for fall to arrive

Paris fashion week is on the radar, but there is one word that arrives from the pre catwalk szene all over the world: Metallic.
we saw it already coming up in the previous fashion shows of Milano, New York and Paris for SS17, and the light-reflecting textures and shiny silver finishes will be the undisputed trend for the FW17 season as well.

overflows metals continue to delight fashionistas eye- Metallic in fashion is not the first season! futurist brilliance “space” costumes, shimmering molten gold and silver, copper and bronze, nostalgia disco style – all this has brought a brilliant clothes in the top of trends and this season. Retro brought with him from the 80s beaming pleated skirts and sequins decor, futurism – the original cut and high-tech materials, well, “precious metals” in the evening fashion have always been.

clothing with metallic effect does not allow to withdrawgaze from himself – whether it’s an evening dress, “chrome” cloak, gray trousers or “metallic” sneakers. designers offer not shy, and wearing shiny things not only for parties and celebrations, but also on weekdays. The most fashionable metal silver has appeared: in the “fresh” can be found collections of dresses and pants, coats and shoes, handbags and jewelry with silver shimmer.


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