BUSINESS REPORT: what´s going on in 2018´s COLOR WORLD?

Every year, same time, same station: NYC Fashion Week, PANTONE is presenting its latest Fashion Color Trend Report to give a clue of what will be the most important color trends for the next upcomming year.
Of course and in any case color continues to be a powerhouse and a key influencer fo fashion trends for spring 2018, therefore in preparation of buying and market for summer 2018, which starts next week for me, I am very curious to know if Pantone confirms my already formed notion of what colorwise will be consumed in the style world.

Pantone says in its report that a feeling of optimism and vonfidence is driving a new vitality into fashion trends. It is used words like: “FUN – PLAYFUL RELEASE – COLOR MIXING”, which shows us the consumer´s desire to experiment with color all around the year round without any restrictions. Gender and seasonal borders vanish and continue to be non issues when it comes to color.

These are the main colors, which will dominate colorwise the first half of 2018 – do you already see a color which already made it to your closet, even some months ahead?


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