toasted and monochromatic colors trends – welcome back!

Sartorially impeccable, the Acne Studios fall 2017 ready-to-wear lineup is geometrically refined too, and what’s even more interesting is that most of the pieces seem to be magically frozen up the air. Besides being skillfully tailored, the pieces denote Jonny Johansson’s signature looks too, namely a delicate manoeuvring when it comes to detailing and an eclectic, if not even whimsical use of juxtaposing designs and different kinds of materials. Jonny is, in fact, never afraid to alternate, for example, sleek with sheer fabrics, creating an incredibly well-balanced equilibrium that easily lightens up the outfits designed by him. (even when they consist of heavy and bulky pieces)

If there is a trend regarding color for the fall-winter season is monochrome. Looks created from top to bottom following the same tonality or color palette. Toasted colors are the ones outstanding: earth, beige, mustard … that return year after year to the winter fashion looks.

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