well it has been some time I did my latest blog post.. it´s just that my life is so extraordinary busy these first days of January and even the months before. I invested so much time in business projects that keep me involved every day..

plus I was not very sure about what I should give a story to. talking about my inked candle, I don´t know I already did spread loads of information, about the new collection which arrived, about the new brands that I take in?

I was in a few art galleries around new year and have been inspired so much by art, actually, that I ended up meeting with my friends from New York and talked for hours about museum openings, new galleries, new art projects and so on. I recognized that a lot of my fashion friends lately are working with art or at least are involved into arts, which is wonderful, because you can define yourself over art again and again, find new shades of you that you might have not recognized yet and also meet super creative people who see life oftem from a different view than we fashion people do.

so ja…. I figured out what are the most important museum openings this year! plus I did a list, which could be interesting to go or to combine with one of my or your business trips. I don´t know, but there is always time for art. art keeps you going it is inspiring but also so much grounded. finally my list is ready to share with you. so this time I will share something for your art heart, eyes and guts, GLORIOUS PLACES (dont miss the architecture!!!) WHERE YOU CAN FIND GLORIOUS ART.. if you have time visit at least one, I think it is so much worth it.

1. Institute for Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), opening April 2018
2. The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration, opening April 2018
3. The Nordic Musem, opening May 2018
4. Grand Egyptian Museum, opening May 2018
5. Victoria & Albert Museum of Design, Dundee, somewhen in summer 2018
6. Photography Centre at the Victoria & Albert Museum, fall 2018 I guess
7. The Glenstone Museum, fall 2018
8. London Museum of Photography, winter 2018

hope you like my choice – happy new year!


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