SILVERDUSTING – starting into 2018

It happens that sometimes you even cannot find any break or take some breath for good things rushing in, so I took on Monday morning my plane to my next destination, which was Milan. For business. A lot is going on in my inked world, and it keeps on rocking and rolling over my head. Brave me, try to take it serious but still with a wink.

In the meantime inked is almost fully delivered with resort and pre spring collections. Some awesome new looks arrived. Sometimes when I am coming back to office from some days away, some pieces I will have never seen and will never again, as they came and rushed out before I even could do the price sticker, thanks to the inkedgirls – who always do it better <3 – no honestly, my team is doing great!

Happy to share my latest pics for my blog, which I shooted with my new photographer, who is as passionate in shooting like me in sourcing new trends. Thanks to her for the great pictures and also for understanding exactly what I wanted to have as an outcome (without showing my face..) Haha, she still is laughing with a little wink as well about that issue.

We did a gorgeous job by shooting one of my personal favorite mixes. So you will find in the mix: Golden, Acne and Wang, which is all – of cause – to get @inked.

Personally I like wearing leather jackets in winter. Although it`s cold and most of them seem not appropriate for this time of year, I always feel lighter and more in a good mood with a leather one on my shoulders. It gives me that feeling that spring could roll in soon… Beneath I simply do some layering and as here, I like to pop over some colored hood to keep it not too sleek.

I think the look is freaking cool and looking great, even though you might not take the whole look into consideration, I can see how I would mix the jacket with some slim denims, the hoodie to perhaps a mini denim skirt paired with combat boots and if you go for the wide leg, well add some high heels beneath and play with the high waist cut, a short jumper and never ending legs…


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