Is it already love or still brand love?

this is something like a small intro to my thoughts on product love mixed up with my latest pics for instagram to entertain you – BRAND LOVE – if you like join me and read my latest thoughts on branding.

the importance of brand love? isn´t it funny how marketing changed in the last years.. the marketing industry is awash with terms like “loyalty”, “trust”, “engagement” and most recently the term “love” has worked its way into our vocabulary and diction, too.
but can we really love a brand? would we care that much? I recently had a talk about that with one of my fashion friends working for a big brand in Paris. the company spends so much money to evaluate these facts so that they can even spend more money into the relationship between brand and consumers. the experts say – they can and they do love a brand, which they feel very close to their hearts because they started to hold on to certain brands and life styles. all extremely connected.

research shows that the connections we establish with brands can be quite deep and emotional – starting with visiting their websites frequently and ending in feeling very connected as in relationship we have with other people. think about some fans who tattoing brand logos onto themselves.
the critical side is that there are so many brands and there is a fierce competition between quite similar brands, which leads the consumers in positions of power with offers from all angles. as we talk about similar brands, which means they of cause offer quite near identical products, but then it is just “the one” who will have the luck to engage with you in a very meaningful and memorable way?

yes, that´s it. if a brand has come to this point it is what we call an “it-brand”. the brand is asking then for more than just for the purchase of it´s consumer, something deeper is aked for. the more human and the more personal the way is they communicate with you the more emotional engagement they want.

and actually talking about a “consumer” is not what we have become. now it is all about “fans”. the meaning of the word fan is a more emotional one as consumer. where a consumer likes something and probably need the product a fan is a much more emotional buyer, it gives more than the money.

to be continued…

hope you like the pics – sure more!

all I wear GOLDEN GOOSE DB @inked – of cause – ENJOY!


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