my February post about the jaw-dropping THE NOMAD NYC and my favorite new arrivals of GGDB

Lately my posts are more about life style than proper fashion posts of my stores, maybe all has to change from time to time so I follow my heart which leads me to a kind of “travel-fashion-stlye” issue – again.

First if you might go to NYC soon, eat at THE FAT RADISH ( The food, true to ist name, is veg-heavy with seasonal, organic offerings sourced from nearby small-scale suppliers. Save room for the seared tuna with watermelon and jalapeno. Located 17 Orchard Street +1 212 300 4053.

Knowing that I will stay at THE NOMAD in New York City made me quite curious, as I heard quite a few insights about that place before I left to NYC Fashion Week.
Let´s face it arriving at your room at the Hotel in New York – expecially in Manhattan – can be a shock to the system, dont take it to serious if your room reminds you on a teeny room, which you luckily dont have to share with a room mate for the next days. Have in mind -> book in advance and know what you are after. I have chosen the Brooklyn one cause I love the industial, slightly sparse look that is common for the area. Bar and Restaurant is open for everyone which means be ready to party late evening or skip it when the thought of partying at the weekend scene is not yours.
I absolutly liked THE NOMAD at first glimpse, it is designed romantic, warm and dare to say seductive. Quite like the big sister the ACE HOTEL, which collaboration did a huge impact on the success of THE NOMAD. In the basement you can find Kitsune´s mono brand store and a well stocked library with Juniper books.

Everyone who knows or have been to ELEVEN Madison Park, knows what star is waiting food wise. The Restaurant. You can dine in here the best. Bright, airy. Each dish adorable. Run by Daniel Humm and Will Guidara, known already, who does not.
THE NOMAD as a whole is a reflection of how I like to stay abroad, expecially NYC is not to easy when it comes to new spaces to open. The spot is a good marriage between sophistication and informality. It will be admired.

All of my looks – already posted to Instagram “INKEDVIENNA” are GGDB – all available at inked.
I think looks speak for themselves, so I do not need to define or add all the time a description.
We are ready to help, advise and chat about Fashion – make it PERSONAL <3 – at INKED whenever you like.

happy remaining sunday!!



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