“HI” to my followers – yes I know I am late…
Sorry for kept you not informed by my blog, but business life kept me totally and so busy that I could not find any time to post a single blog post.
Today one of my loyal inked girls dropped in questioning my non presence with my blog and well there it was again my “schlechtes Gewissen”. Haha – forgive me but we just did quite a bit of a work during the last months and yes I had absolutely no time to cope with my blog. Confirmed.

Here we go with the latest catches for summer holidays. but BTW I kept up my awesome work for instagram, thanks to my amazing helping girls and beside all my multiple roles in my fashion life. Ups, I know I dont need to pin something. But my Golden Bae and my reconsturction of inked kept me full on project 24/7.
Result: it worked just awesome: Golden is born and loads of new brands will rush into my inked kitchen the next monts, I cooked so much lately… yeahhh!!

Here —> inkedgirls – the last catches for the beach!! get these summer-sugar-beach-bae-dresses and just dont spend the beach day life only but also the nights with those gorgeous looking outfits. One piece by dress still on stock @inked.


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