bag a boo

our clothes can say a lot about us – there is no point in denying this. no matter how much we want to try and be different, unique, but also smart and well-read, we are still human beings, and we judge, and are being judged, based on the looks, each and every day of our lives. your clothes can say so much about you.

whether it is new, or old, tidy, messy, ironed or not, this can make you look like a professional or like a college student that is coming back from a party. you get the picture. but one of the more important things that you probably always carry around is, you guessed it, your bag. your purse, briefcase, or backpack primarily serve to carry things for you in a neat and orderly fashion, but they also have the property of describing you. the same way you pay attention to your hair, you ought to pay attention to the bag you carry.

in any time where there’s a period with a lot of fairly new debuts and no one reigning It Bag, designs become important for a lot of different reasons. sometimes they’re indicative of the most interesting creative impulses of a resurgent brand; other times they’re the best example of a huge consumer trend no one really saw coming. below, I’ve selected my favorite important designs, in no particular order, that tell us a lot about the year in bags.

Isabel Marant
Acne Studios
Alexander Wang



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