there is no more his or hers or unisex

the expression “unisex” is quite old school. it is common by now that we use your men´s stuff and he is using yours, no?

unisex fashion?, haven´t talked about this a long time. so I think it is quite “not strange” due to the time we live in, that we do not any longer talk about the division or non-division of garments for gender. as for some years ago we were interested and overwhelmed by the thought of the “boyfriend” denim. stolen out of the closet of our best ones, we got used to wear oversized size on to our femal sized bodies. today I do not hear this expression in fashion vocabulary.

I think more than ever we women tend to buy more feminine styles again, but still we do not want to miss the original boyfriend attitude in our closet.
for us – we got used to it. tomboy-ish is no longer an attitude we are talking about. we find tees the same size and with the same print at the mens or at womens.

as long as we feel comfy in each others garments – let´s switch and match.
so there it comes, that even when inked is mainly a ladies dressing room inspired store project, we sell a lot of styles to men nowadays – not the most female garments ofcause – but for sure some of the accessories.


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