Knits, jackets and coats. This season they could have some in common, not only long sleeves. The shoulders. Again exaggerated. Some of us already know this trend of very exposed shoulder cuts. Though the 80ies left an experience not sure if we want to have it again, the new exposed shoulder cuts are wider and more loose, more hanging over your shoulder than giving the expression of Mr. Spock‘s outfit. So no worries shoulder pads or constructed shoulder cuts, they are banned at least for this season.


Already a classic icon Isabel MARANT’s small shoulder and cross over buddy. Pictured in a warm caramel tone with brass golden hardware and removable strap. 💥

GOOD MORNING JACKET time to pop over a light jacket these recent early mornings. top piece: loose IM jacket, one button, salt n pepper woven fabric. mix and match with all kind of looks. also available as coat. 🤞🏼

CHALK & YELLOW Two of the newcomers colors for this fall is off white chalk and mustard yellow. Cable knits will also be high in trend if you like heavy knits, which should not be missed in your closet this year. Here pictured short, cropped pullover, perfect for paper bag pants of cause, as shown but also to give your fall outfit an extra dash of color.


Paper Bag Pants have become a true buddy in our closet. The wide leg pant which is tied on the waistline is for all of us a kind of release to all the super skinny pants we have been totally for around the 2000s. The easy Paper Bag pant, is not as wide as her original sister but still the waistline is constructed to be belted high waist. Check out @inkedvienna

CHAPEAUX GIRLS! Most needed Isabel Marant Caps are back in different colors. Bun up your hair and go for a chic French look.

💥💥💥💥 the new look has arrived. We have been waiting far too long for new it-booties. along our opinion here they are. looking awesome to simply everything. 🤩
PATTERN DRIFT all into patterns again. vivid lilac looks damn gorgeous on our still tanned skin. combo out of turtleneck blouse and skirt. full pattern love 💗

FLAT POUCH FOR MULTIPLE USE some of us already use this kind of small bag since a while. for me necessarily I need stuff like this to put in my smaller stuff 😅 invoices, bills, notes, drawings, sketches, reminders, money, passport etc. so, this is highly welcome in my bag. when I just head out for a quick date I take it as a single pouch along. then the color is a necessary attribute for this „superpiece“. 👌🏼

MUST WRAP Tie-it, wrap-it, belt-it. The essential of this season are belts. Whether tied around the waist or more lower to fix your paper bag pant or just to create a waist line belting around your favorite jacket, belts are one of the most needed accessories this season. Pictured, Isabel MARANT’s version of an one fits all style. Easy to use the length individually needed, play around with the black or brown version of it to dresses, skirts and knits or belt jackets or even coats to create a new version of your favorite look. Check it out @inked.

COMBO ALERT what I extremely like is that you can mix this combination in various ways. you can give it a urban contemporary look by wearing flat ankle boots and a chunky knit cardigan or the most contrary high heel booties and a maxi jacket to have a cool fashion look for a more feminine way. style this combination with tights an high heels for office or go for sandals and bare legs for a night out. all good with this awesome combination.


The most relaxing way how you can wear a straight suit is with a simple color matching t-shirt. New arrivals of Isabel Marant give plenty of new suit combinations with the typically feminine Isabel Marant fashion touch. Arrivals all in by now ☝🏻


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