Business Report, Paris FW17/18


PARIS aka. Croissant FASHIONWEEK – the unvarnished truth So inked goes to Paris Fashion Week AGAIN. By now all of you fashionistas, fashion victims or whoever reads my words, will think: “OMG how cool, how exciting – this trip must be like a never ending shopping spree, with someoneelse’s money”. Let me tell you just […]

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Alexander Wang, Bags, INKED, NEW IN, Sandals, Shoe Trend, Stolzes x Inked, streetstyle, T BY ALEXANDER WANG


“AM I READY FOR TIGHTNESS AND SEXINESS?!” Alexander Wang: “Girl, just wang it!” It’s Monday. Everybody’s (not so) favourite day of the week, but let us just “wang” the beginning of another week of working or studying , because it’s also the reason to wear at least 7 exciting outfits. As sale is officially over, […]

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Jewellery, Maria Black

“life is to short for boring jewellery” – MARIA BLACK @inked

“Life is too short for boring jewellery” – HOORAYYY to jewellery revolution! You guys, I’M OVER IT. I’m officially over this 18K rosé gold diamond studs, my >I’ve-seen-it-on-every-person-in-this-town< make-a-wish bracelet and also all the other stuff, which I collected from several very innovative boyfriends and my parents. Well, once again I AM OVER IT. I […]

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