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Liebe Inked Fans und Freunde! Seit beinahe 10 Jahren führe ich euch jetzt schon in meine inked-Welt in Wien. Trotz der langen Zeit bin ich noch genauso passioniert wie am ersten Tag bei der Sache und bringe euch die coolste und neueste Mode aus aller Welt nach Wien. Die von euch, die mich gut kennen, […]

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SILVERDUSTING – starting into 2018

It happens that sometimes you even cannot find any break or take some breath for good things rushing in, so I took on Monday morning my plane to my next destination, which was Milan. For business. A lot is going on in my inked world, and it keeps on rocking and rolling over my head. […]

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true to fashion – means jump in, roll around, and let yourself go – it is a commitment to art, quality and to enjoy your life

when I read about fashion nowadays, I have to admit it sometimes feels like the half empty same old mug, filled up half way with the same old tea, and of cause cold – just an average cold brew …. iiihhhh!!!! that´s what you want fashion to be? the same all day, the less emotional […]

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